Home Remedies For Puppy Vomiting And Upset Stomach

Today we discuss Home Remedies For Puppy Vomiting And Upset Stomach. If your precious puppy is sick to their stomach, you want to make sure that they get back to feeling better as soon as possible. Luckily, there are some simple home remedies that can help soothe your pup’s tummy troubles and get them back on their paws in no time. Let’s explore some effective remedies for puppy vomiting and upset stomachs.

Home Remedies For Puppy Vomiting And Upset Stomach

Canned Pumpkin for Indigestion
Canned pumpkin (not the sugary pie filling) is a great natural remedy for indigestion in pups. Not only does it provide plenty of fiber, which will help regulate the digestive system, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help ease an upset stomach. Simply mix a teaspoon or two of canned pumpkin into your pup’s food once a day until their symptoms subside.

Ginger Root for Nausea
Ginger root is renowned for its nausea-fighting properties, which makes it perfect for soothing an upset stomach in puppies. Fresh ginger root can be grated over your pup’s food or mixed with warm water to make a tea; if you don’t have fresh ginger on hand, you can use powdered ginger instead. Just be sure not to give too much—the recommended dose is one teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight once daily.

Probiotics For Diarrhea
Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that help support the function of the digestive system when taken in adequate amounts. If your pup is experiencing diarrhea, adding probiotics to their diet can help restore balance to their gut flora and promote overall digestive health. You can find probiotic supplements specifically designed for dogs at most pet stores, or you can opt for yogurt or kefir that contains live cultures instead; just be sure not to give sugar-filled varieties!


When your puppy’s tummy troubles strike, it can be hard not to panic—but don’t worry! With these tips and tricks in mind, you should be able to quickly soothe any bouts of vomiting or indigestion naturally at home without needing veterinary attention. That said, if your pup’s symptoms persist more than 24 hours after trying these remedies, then it may be best to seek professional advice from a vet just in case something more serious is going on with your pup’s health.

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