Cat Asthma Natural Remedies And Treatments

Asthma in cats, which is also widely known as Feline Asthma, is a kind of respiratory disease that can become a nightmare for your cats. There are some common symptoms of asthma that have a close resemblance to bronchitis. First things first, you should call your vet when you see any sign in your cat. However, some Cat Asthma Natural Remedies can be followed along with the conventional treatments from your vet. 

Rest assured, natural and holistic changes in your favorite cat’s lifestyle will reduce the impact of cat asthma to a great extent. Stay with us throughout the article to know everything about the natural remedies for car asthma.

Common Symptoms of Car Asthma in Cats:

In most cases, if your cat suffers from asthma, you can notice some symptoms. Common symptoms of car asthma in cats are mentioned below.

  1. Hacking or coughing
  2. The cat will face severe difficulties in breathing
  3. Breathing with mouth or even panting
  4. Shoulders are hunched
  5. Severe wheezing
  6. After exertion, the breathing will be more or less labored
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Cat Asthma Natural Remedies:

If you are someone like us who doesn’t like to give cats high doses of medications, honestly speaking, you’re not alone. There are some natural remedies available to provide your cat with better feelings and improve asthma’s overall symptoms.

Do you know why people opt for natural treatments? Because it’s an alternative way to help your cat from taking any synthetic drugs. Natural remedies help your cat fight against inflammation and improve the overall immune system. Below we will discuss some natural ways to fight car asthma.

Give Your Cat Proper Diet:

Without any doubt, the first natural remedy for cat asthma is the proper diet. You have to bring a significant change in the overall diet of your cat. You should always try to feed your cat with anti-inflammatory diets because they are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 is widely available in the following foods.

  • Oily Fish: Oily fish is an excellent source of Omega 3, helping your cat fight inflammation. For instance, try to include salmon, trout, or sardines in your cat’s regular diet.
  • Seaweed: Many anti-inflammatory elements are available in seaweeds, and they have a meager amount of carbohydrates. Cats can easily digest them without any hassle. Seaweed comes with the ability to boost the immune system of the cat. 
  • Other Foods: In a nutshell, you should go for any food item that contains a high level of omega 3 to boost the cat’s immune system. They are also capable of fighting inflammation. Besides, you should again try to remove food that is high in grains from your cat’s diet. Because grains can increase the symptoms of asthma in the cat.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil can be considered a natural remedy for cat asthma. It comes with so many health benefits for cats. If your cat is suffering from hairballs, coconut oil can be beneficial for him. It also boosts the cat’s immune system.

However, according to some vets, coconut oil should not be included regularly in the cat’s diet. Because it can be the main reason for the cat’s diarrhea, therefore, don’t forget to discuss it with your vet before giving it to your cat.


We believe you already know or at least heard about this term. It is mainly a Chinese treatment method that can be used in the treatment of cat asthma. According to this method, energy cycles move continuously throughout our bodies to remain healthy.

If any blockage happens in any of the energy points, we become sick. Acupuncture is mainly a treatment method that aims to unblock those energy points by using needles. Now, the remarkable fact is that Chinese acupuncturists identified that there are similar energy points in the cat’s body. So, to treat the cat’s asthma, you can call a qualified veterinary acupuncturist to take the treatment.


Like acupuncture, Reiki can be used to treat cat asthma. Reiki is a Japanese method that means treating through spiritual energy. The main aim of this treatment is to maintain the perfect energy balance in the body. You can call a qualified Reiki specialist for the treatment purpose of your cat.

Cat Asthma Natural Remedies
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Final Words:

There is no doubt that we love our cats, and it is hard for us to see our favorite cat suffering severely while taking a breath. That’s why cat asthma is an unexpected disease for the cat. No one denies that conventional medicines can treat a cat from asthma.

But, there is someone like us who doesn’t want to give synthetic cat medication. That is why we feel the necessity of cat asthma natural remedies to improve the immune system and heal our cats.

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